A Signature Deal For LN?

Live Nation is on the verge of making another deal for a major merchandiser, at least according to the New York Post.

The tabloid reports that LN, which recently announced its full service arm Artist Nation, is in talks with Signatures Networks – the merchandiser that got its start as Winterland Productions in San Francisco.

Signatures Networks reportedly holds the marketing and licensing rights for more than 125 artists including Madonna, U2, Bruce Springsteen and Kanye West. Spokespersons for both Live Nation and Signatures Network CEO Dell Furano declined to comment on the report, which claims that Live Nation would pay close to $50 million for the merchandiser that reportedly generates about $120 million in revenue annually.

In recent weeks, LN and Madonna recently signed a 10-year, $125 million deal for touring, recording and merchandising, and Live Nation also announced its purchase of Anthill Trading. In September, LN acquired the outstanding shares of UltraStar it didn’t already own. In addition, Live Nation has already acquired MusicToday and Trunk Ltd.

Spokespersons for Live Nation and Signature Networks both declined comment on the report.