Murphy Sidelined By Eye Injury

Irish electronica singer/songwriter Róisín Murphy has had to scrap at least part of the remainder of her mainland European tour after falling and hitting her head during her October 27 show at Moscow’s Ikra Club.

Details of the accident aren’t clear but she’s believed to have slipped while dancing, collided with a chair and severely damaged her eye socket.

She left the stage immediately and was raced straight to a Moscow hospital for emergency treatment.

She flew back to the U.K. the following morning and had an operation under general anaesthetic to repair the damage to her eye and eyebrow.

Despite serious concussion and losing a lot of blood, her vision is unimpaired.

A spokesman for EMI said she’s expected to take at least a week to rest and recover, which would mean missing the Polish shows in Krakow and Warsaw October 29-30, plus the early November dates in Berlin, Prague, Munich and Vienna November 1-4.

The earliest she’s expected to return is for the November 6 German show in Mannheim, which is followed by Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and more German dates.

Her U.K. and Irish tour dates starting November 26 aren’t expected to be affected.

Murphy debuted in 1995 with Mark Brydon as the electronic music duo Moloko.

After the two ended their romantic relationship, she released her debut solo album Ruby Blue, written and produced with Matthew Herbert, in 2005. Her second solo album Overpowered was released in 2007.