Fargo: Operation Deadbeat Dad

Some Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie fans got a chance to do some pre-partying at a Fargo, N.D., club October 29th before heading down to the Fargodome – but were arrested in a sting operation instead.

About 40 people answered letters of invitation to attend the "I Crashed The Bash" party at The Venue at Playmakers before the Osbourne / Zombie concert. They were met by staffers from PDL Productions wearing "I Crashed The Bash" T-shirts. Unfortunately for the guests, the PDL stood for Cass County sheriff Paul D. Laney and the staffers were deputy sheriffs.

In fact, the T-shirts were emblazoned with a skull and the right eye was a star from a sheriff’s badge.

"We didn’t really rub it in," Laney said.

The sting operation was meant to catch scofflaws who ignored court summons and child support payments or failed to pay fines.

"Some actually thought it was pretty funny," Laney said, calling it a "warrant party." Others turned hostile, he added, but said he thought they were mad at themselves for getting duped.

Mixed in with the perps were North Dakota probation and parole agents, and members of the local drug enforcement task force.

Some of those arrested had multiple outstanding warrants – everything from traffic fines to drug fines.