Music With Tickets

With record stores struggling to keep the lights on and ticket sales moving increasingly online, buying music and concert tickets under the same roof seems a distant memory – but Ticketmaster and iTunes have launched a new program to revive those days.

All fans need do when visiting is click on the "iTunes Music" tab when buying tickets for any of the more than 700 touring acts involved with the tickets-plus-music program.

As an added incentive, TM and iTunes offer ticket buyers a $1 discount for every album download sold on Ticketmaster and delivered by iTunes now through December 29th.

Along with the new hookup, both sides are offering special Ticketmaster + iTunes gift packs through Target stores nationwide. Each package includes two $25 gift cards, one which can be redeemed at while the other is good for purchasing music from iTunes.

"This Ticketmaster + iTunes program instantly gives our music huge exposure to a very important consumer audience – the people who come to our shows," Kanye West said. "Touring is the most powerful and sincere connection that we have with our fans, so being able to deliver our music for download during the ticket buying process is a slam-dunk for us, and for all recording and touring artists out there who depend on reaching their live audience."