A Tennessee festival called Mucklewain, devoted to singer/songwriters and up-and-coming acts and which had a successful debut last year, faced a bit of a slowdown this time around but promoter Joie Todd hopes to see it bounce back.

Mucklewain Music Festival, which took place September 28-29 about 30 miles from Nashville in Pinewood, Tenn., featured such acts as Lucero, Will Hoge and Old Union. The festival took place last year in Harriman, near Knoxville, but was moved closer to the middle of the state to take advantage of the major music market.

"It might not have been the best thing," Todd told Pollstar. "There was a little bit of a lack of attendance, and so it goes."

Mucklewain ticket sales were "about half" of last year’s 1,100, according to Todd. The show went on without major sponsorship or backing – but with "a ton of support" from the artists involved, half of whom returned from last year, Todd said.

"People are still getting compensated from the festival, and they will continue to," he said. "It’s a very unfortunate situation all the way around. … Most artists have been extremely supportive. They want to see Mucklewain succeed."