Brooks’ Technological Tour

He may be "retired," but fresh off nine sold-out nights at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo., Garth Brooks doesn’t seem ready to cool his heels just yet.

The country superstar recently hinted that, following the success of his step back into the spotlight, he may be willing to consider a tour of sorts that would include multiple-night stands in various cities including Los Angeles and Minneapolis-St. Paul, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He wrapped up his Sprint Center stay November 14th, broadcasting a live simulcast of the show in more than 300 movie theatres across the nation, with an encore presentation set for the following night.

The simulcast event was expected to draw an audience as large as 150,000 during the two broadcasts at $10 per ticket.

Brooks previously praised the technology that allows an artist "to go on a virtual tour without leaving home. How does it get any better than that?"

He said that virtual tours may not only represent the future of the business, but also something that he’ll revisit down the line.

"I’m trying to figure out how it’s going to get easier," he told the Times. "I can imagine bands in the future saying to me, ‘You actually traveled to the cities where you played?’"