Radio Is Crap

French radio stations are "crap," according to rapper Cuizinier, a member of hip-hop visionaries TTC.

"Radio Nova was good, but it became commercial, so now I listen to RFM, which is full of real French oldie stuff. It’s quite cute, actually," he told the U.K.’s Observer.

In a piece that focused on "some of the inspiring men and women leading the city’s cultural life," the paper looked at how Paris is "re-emerging as a capital of culture."

TTC, which takes its name from the note at the end of French invoices that says "tout tax compris" (all taxes included), is said to be less "angry" than U.S. rap and relies more on "cutesy synth-pop and retro electro."

"Our lyrics are very French, but we put American rap through the blender to come up with our style. I think things are less ghettoised now – French people recognise reggae, rock, funk, dance, rather than being into just one thing," Cuizinier explained.