Manilow Settles Lawsuit

A wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Barry Manilow’s former tour manager, Liberato Fabro, has been settled but the details are under wraps.

Attorney Arthur Silbergeld, who represents Manilow’s companies, confirmed the parties reached an agreement but declined to say if a financial settlement was involved, according to court papers November 15th.

Fabro, who handled the singer’s concert tours and TV appearances from 1999 to 2006, filed the lawsuit in September. He claims he was wrongfully fired last year allegedly because he took a leave of absence around the time he was divorcing his boss’ daughter, who also works for Manilow, and had problems following a knee surgery.

The suit claims his boss, Garry Kief, president of Manilow Production Inc., tried to coerce Fabro into taking a lesser divorce settlement, which he refused. Fabro claims Kief then fired him and used his disability after knee surgery as the reason.

The lawsuit claimed wrongful termination, employment discrimination because of marital status and disability, fraud and misrepresentation.