Aussie Concerts Worth $834.3M

The Australian live scene is worth $834.3 million (US$736. 6 million) according to a new Live Performance Australia annual ticket attendance and revenue survey covering the 2005 calendar year.

During that time, the sector sold 13.7 million tickets.

The survey covers 10 categories – contemporary music, classical, theatre, musical theatre, ballet & dance, opera – and collects its data via the major ticketing companies and the Australia Major Performing Arts Group companies.

But it does not include the activity of self-ticketing venues and festivals, boutique ticketing agencies and regional performing arts venues.

Contemporary music remains the largest sector, turning over revenue of $287.2 million (up 47.2 percent) with 4 million attendees (up 36.2 percent).

Multi-category and single festivals are only worth 1 percent and 1.4 percent, according to the LPA.

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