Flatley Awarded $11M Over Rape Claim

Irish dance legend Michael Flatley was awarded $11 million against a woman who accused him of rape.

The producer of Irish dance shows including "Lord Of The Dance," "Feet Of Flames" and "Celtic Tiger" was awarded the settlement after convincing the California Supreme Court that the accusations were false and part of a scheme to get a "seven figures" sum from him.

In July the U.S. court gave 48-year-old Flatley leave to lodge a $100 million lawsuit over malicious claims made by Tyna Marie Robertson.

The lawsuit was triggered by a January 2003 letter Flatley received from Robertson’s attorney alleging the dancer had raped her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2002.

In the letter and in subsequent phone calls the attorney threatened to file a sexual assault lawsuit unless Flatley agreed to a "seven figures" settlement, according to court papers.

Police declined to press criminal charges and Flatley said the sex was consensual.

Robertson then filed a $33 million civil sexual assault lawsuit in Illinois, but it was later dismissed. Flatley countered with a lawsuit claiming extortion, fraud and defamation.

"I am very pleased with the judgment awarded to me. Ms. Robertson tried to extort money from me by spreading these lies and the court sent a message that it will not tolerate these types of schemes," Flatley told the Irish Times after the December 7 ruling was announced.