Whiskey Sleepover For Neil Young

A Neil Young concert in Boston December 2nd had a few stowaways when members of a local band allegedly hid out in a cubby hole the night before, with sleeping blankets and bottles of whiskey, so they could see their hero play.

The story is amusing and unique but, according to sources at Live Nation, it’s a bunch of hooey.

Two members of classic-rock band Township camped out inside the Orpheum Theatre after finding a small hiding place underneath the backstage area, according to the Boston Herald. Township played December 1st at the Boston Music Awards but only some of the band left the building. Two of them, who apparently are huge fans of Young, took sleeping bags, whiskey and some snacks to their hiding spot instead.

"Being sold-out and super-expensive, something drastic had to be done," band manager Kathleen Puzo told the Herald. "Being resourceful guys, an out-of-the-way location was scouted during sound check and provisions were set up."

They awoke the next day to the sounds of Young above their heads, getting ready for his show and "just hanging out," Puzo said.

Chip Rives, who runs the Boston Music Awards, laughed out loud when the Herald told him the story.

"That’s by far the best story I’ve heard," Rives told the paper. "It’s very rock ‘n’ roll."

He added that the BMAs never pretend to be able to control what artists do but said, "I might have to call Live Nation and apologize."

It’s a great story but a Live Nation representative told Pollstar that, after checking with the venue, there’s just no way anybody could hide overnight in the Orpheum.