Kelly’s Better Late Than Never In Court

R. Kelly recently got some heat from a Cook County Circuit Court judge after missing a pre-trial hearing in Chicago for his child pornography case.

The singer, who’s currently on tour, performed a show in Sacramento, Ca., December 16th and was en route to Chicago when his tour bus was pulled over by police in Utah. Police reportedly made the bus stop for eight hours after noticing the vehicle’s log book did not document adequate rest time for the driver.

Kelly showed in Chicago for a hearing December 20th, one day late, and while Judge Vincent Gaughan expressed disappointment that Kelly missed the date, he did not revoke Kelly’s bail or have the singer arrested, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"These are extraordinary matters to have these breaks given to you and then nobody shows up," Gaughan said in court.

Gaughan ordered Kelly to cancel a January 13th concert in Hampton, Va., to provide adequate time for the singer to travel to Chicago for a hearing January 14th, the Tribune reported. The judge is also expected to decide whether Kelly will be able to continue with the tour.

The singer’s attorney told the Tribune that it was the first time Kelly had missed a court appearance for the case, which has been ongoing for more than five years.

Prosecutors for the case allege Kelly videotaped himself having sex with an underage girl. He has pleaded not guilty.

The case is set to go to trial May 9th.