RMG’s People Power

RMG Technologies was ordered to turn over source codes and files for its applications and services last month in the ongoing case against the so-called scalper software company. However, a recent comment by RMG’s president may have shined light on just how low-tech some of the company’s offerings really are.

Ticketmaster’s lawsuit against RMG, filed in Los Angeles earlier this year, claimed the TM Web site was being flooded "with millions of automated ticket requests," thus denying "the public access to tens of thousands of tickets so that RMG’s customers can purchase and resell those tickets to the same public at inflated prices."

One aspect of the suit has focused on whether ticket brokers are using special character recognition software to circumvent TM’s "Captcha" (the oft-used password of squiggly letters and numbers) to buy large quantities of tickets.

RMG President Cipriano Garibay told the New York Times that Ticketmaster, the court and RMG customers don’t really understand the company’s low-tech services.

As it turns out, the real force behind some of RMG’s offerings is manpower, not high-tech programs.

"We pay guys in India $2 an hour to type the answers," he told the Times. Guess that’s one way to get around the Captcha.

The case is set to go to trial in October 2008.