Thornton Deals Back In

Creston Thornton, who sold his share of Bravo Entertainment and Big Easy nightclubs to the Knitting Factory in 2005, has since been happy to sit on the music sidelines and focus on real estate development.

But, likening himself to a gambler who can "stay away from the blackjack table for just so long," he’s decided now is the time to get back in the concert biz by taking 311 and Slightly Stoopid on their first Canadian tour in March.

"Instead of doing 450 shows a year, we’re going to do more like 40 or 50 and deal with bands we’ve always had relationships with a cared about," Thornton told Pollstar. "The development business is fantastic but it just moves at a slower pace than the concert business. And I think having a nice diversified portfolio and staying busy with a couple different businesses is always good."

Thornton said he intends to work with artists and venues he’s had relationships with and cares about, as well as book tour legs to "destination locales" including Hawaii and Mexico. He can be reached at 208-938-2933 and his office is located at 1676 Streampointe Ave., Eagle, Idaho 83616.