Watchdog Checks ‘X Factor’ Votes

The British telecoms watchdog is investigating telephone voting for the final of TV’s "The X Factor" after hundreds of viewers complained that they couldn’t get through to cast votes.

About 700 complained immediately after the December 15 final, and newspaper reports suggest that number has since doubled.

Singer Leon Jackson surprised the bookmakers by winning the fourth series of the TV reality show, beating the runaway favourite Rhydian Roberts.

A spokesman for Ladbrokes bookmakers said the result had saved them from making a "massive" payout.

"We are now investigating the voting and the conduct of voting," an Ofcome spokeswoman said. "Once an investigation begins we cannot go into further detail."

As the number of complaints shot up, ITV revealed that Jackson won by 10 percent of the vote and insisted it was "fair and square."

Some of those who said they couldn’t get through claim to have tried dozens of times.