Jon Stoll Has Recovery Setback

Fantasma Productions’ Jon Stoll, who underwent surgery last fall to remove a blood clot, has seen a recent downturn in his condition.

The 53-year-old Florida promoter had been under the care of the venerable Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and was progressing with in-patient physical rehab at Boynton, Fla.’s Bethesda Memorial. However, news broke in the Palm Beach Post that he is drifting in and out of consciousness, with family by his side, at Good Sam Medical Center in West Palm Beach

"Jon has experienced a setback in his recovery," Fantasma’s John Valentino told Pollstar. "The doctor has discovered a brain tumor and he is under a doctor’s care. We’re waiting for updates, and that’s really as much as I know; that’s what we’ve been told by the family."

Valentino said he has been visiting Stoll once or twice a week for the past few months and has noticed a downturn in his health within the past two weeks. And Stoll, who has been inquisitive and active in Fantasma’s business since his initial hospitalization, has not been as involved recently.

"But we are here, everything’s up an running," Valentino said. "We’ve had long-term relationships with people who truly are concerned about Jon and I’ve spoken to several of them today. We were touched by the outreach of concern when this first happened, so I’m sure people will want to know more, but this is all we really know at this time."