Steve Holy’s Mistaken ID

Country singer Steve Holy could be counting his blessings after an alleged run-in with two Dallas police officers following a night of partying.

According to a recent statement, "it appears that two unidentified Dallas police officers met the complainant at an off-duty social event and later went to the residence of the complainant," said police spokesmen Vernon Hale. "At some point, witnesses state that one of the men assaulted one of the hosts" at the singer’s home.

Further police reports obtained by the Dallas Morning News identified the policemen as Officer Randy Anderson and Officer Paul Loughridge.

The two officers, along with Holy and his friend Walter McRae, were playing foosball at the singer’s house December 27th when Anderson questioned Holy’s identity and "pointed a gun at the complainant’s face and yelled for him to get face down on the floor," the report said. "While face down on the floor, the complainant felt what he believed to be the barrel of the gun pressed to the back of his head."

McRae also told police Loughridge "pointed a gun at his head and told him to get down on the ground," the reports said.

The officers allegedly ordered Holy to provide identification to prove he was in fact the country singer and, as they followed him into the house, McRae ran next door to call 911.

After Holy produced his driver’s license, the officers screamed at his wife, who had also called 911, and threatened the couple if they mentioned the incident to anyone, according to the reports.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave pending further review, the Dallas Morning News said.

Police Chief David Kunkle told the paper the officers’ disciplinary hearings will take place soon.

"It just makes not one bit of sense why they would have drawn their guns and threatened these gentlemen," Kunkle said. "If the evidence supports what we initially heard they had done, it’s a serious crime and we will make sure that we use all of our influence to get the maximum prosecution on it."