Toyota Insurance Disappears

Lackawanna County Commissioners have been confident that they had insurance to cover damage to the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Moosic, Pa., but the insurer says differently.

The roof of the Pavilion collapsed under the weight of slow last February.  Former commissioners Robert Cordaro and A.J. Munchak never filed a claim, according to the area’s Times-Tribune newspaper.  New administrators filed a claim January 17th, but it was recently denied.

However, commissioners said they expect to collect, with Corey O’Brien saying they were confident in their position and will take action necessary to recover funds.  A new county deputy director of insurance ad risk management submitted the claim to Housing & Redevelopment Insurance Exchange for $1.6 million spent on the shed’s roof, the paper said.

Charles Volpe, the president of Foxco Insurance Management Services and attorney for the Housing & Redevelopment Insurance Exchange, told the Times-Tribune that an insurance agent with Foxco and Joe Durkin, who managed the policy for the amphitheatre on behalf of the county, both knew the policy was canceled.

Volpe said it was canceled “around February 23, 2006.  He added that a written notice of the cancellation was delivered to the insurance agent at Foxco about a month before the roof collapsed.