Sure you do.

But you can’t buy tickets. At least not yet. You have to win them. The performances are part of

It all goes down February 21 through March 2 at North London’s prestigious AIR Studios. To enter the drawing for tickets mouse over to, pick the show you want to see and … good luck!

Perhaps the hardest part, other than actually winning tickets, is trying to decide which show to see, for iTunes has put together some very interesting pairings. Like KT Tunstall with guitarist Leo Abrahams, or Jason Mraz with Ron Sexsmith.

All sessions will eventually be sold on iTunes. However, you’ll have to admit it’s more fun sitting in the seats experiencing the event than having a download of the affair.

But then, if you win tickets for a show and then download the session in March, you’ll join the select group of people able to say, “That’s me in that audience!”

So you might want to clap real loud.