Campbell May Face Libel Writ

The spat that’s followed Ali Campbell’s departure from UB40 may soon be keeping the lawyers busy, according to the band’s publicist.

"The ‘intolerable issues’ you refer to are subject to a current libel issue," Gerard Franklin from Birmingham-based Frequency Media told Pollstar, without making it clear who might be taking action.

What’s turning into a tit-for-tat row began January 25 when the band Web site carried a statement confirming that Campbell has parted company with the act after a 30-year career together, following his wish to focus more time on his solo career.

"That is not the truth," Campbell countered with a posting on his site, which said he quit over what he describes as "intolerable" management issues.

"I have been deeply unhappy with administrative practices and with many decisions that have been made in recent years, and I have an ongoing investigation into the handling of my business affairs in relation to UB40," he explained.

UB40 hit straight back with a second statement that ran to more than 1,000 words, detailing how he quit on January 24 during a meeting in the band’s studio when other members – including Campbell’s brother Robin – "asked Ali to clarify if he was going to remain as their lead singer."

"Ali responded by saying that he was leaving the band after completing UB40 tour dates in February 2008. Ali was not at any time, forced to resign, by any of the other band members or management acting on behalf of the band," the statement continued.

As for the management issues, it says that thoughout the act’s 30-year career the management has "always been by a democratic process of all eight members. A decision process which Ali Campbell has actively participated in and been a fully paid up member."