Producer Sues Manager & Handyman

Nine months after surviving gun shots to the head and chest, Latin music producer and songwriter Estefano filed an amended civil lawsuit February 13th against his financial manager and a Santeria church that he claims were involved in his attempted murder.

The original complaint filed by Estefano, whose real name is Fabio Alonso Salgado, last November named his manager, Jose Luis Gil. The amended complaint added his handyman, Francisco Oliveira and a southwest Miami Afro-Cuban Santeria church, which Gil and Oliveira belong to.

Estefano, who has written hit songs for artists such as Marc Anthony and Shakira, claims that the motive behind his attack was to cover up the theft of millions of dollars from his accounts by Gil.

Oliveira, 30, has pleaded not guilty to shooting Estefano at point blank range May 25th at his Miami Beach mansion.

According to the lawsuit, Gil managed Estefano’s money and, early last year, roughly a decade after their professional relationship began, the songwriter became suspicious of how his manager was handling his finances and began to question him.

Estefano said that after the shooting, he learned Gil had taken complete control over nearly all of his assets and had named himself the sole owner of the company that managed the songwriter/producer’s music.

The lawsuit notes that bank records uncovered by investigators show that, without Estefano’s knowledge, Gil moved $2.4 million of the songwriter’s funds to the Ochosi Yoruba Church and its officials between 2004 and 2007.

Also, Estefano was introduced to Oliveira by Gil.

Estefano alleges that minutes after his handyman shot him, Oliveira called the church’s director, Andres Suarez Jr.

Days later, while Oliveira was in jail, Gil allegedly wired $3,000 to Oliveira’s wife.

"Everything that they’re claiming is top to bottom false," Gil attorney Luis Delgado said. "What’s really going on is Mr. Salgado is broke. He ran out of money. He’s now accusing everyone he can because he’s broke."

Delgado added that Estefano was also a member of the church.

Oliveira’s attorney, Frank Rubio, said he had not seen the amended complaint.

The amended civil lawsuit accuses the men of fraud, racketeering and assault, among other charges. Estefano is seeking unspecified damages and to regain control of his assets.

A status hearing in the criminal case against Oliveira was scheduled for February 21st.