Taking A Hard Look At Hyphy

Officials at a Petaluma, Calif., theatre have canceled three upcoming "hyphy" rap shows after a patron was arrested outside the venue with a loaded gun following a recent concert.

A fight apparently broke out in the lobby of the Phoenix Theatre following a hyphy concert that drew nearly 400 to the venue January 25th. After several concertgoers were kicked out of the theatre, police arrested one teen outside with a loaded gun, according to the local Press Democrat.

Phoenix Theatre manager Tom Gaffey told the paper that officials from the venue have met with police to discuss how to deal with crowds after "edgier" shows.

"We have too many kids down here to take that kind of risk," Gaffey said.

Bruce Hagen, president of the nonprofit group that oversees the theatre, wrote in a letter to the Press Democrat that the venue plans to continue to host a variety of musical acts in a safe environment.

However, "some shows have a much higher level of dangerous behavior. … We will be careful about what we won’t allow, because racism masquerading as theatre security benefits no one."