Black Eye Leads To Lawsuit

An Illinois sports-radio talk show host, suspended for making an insensitive remark on the air, was punched outside the Allstate Arena last year and has filed a civil suit against his attacker and the venue.

Chet Coppock was attacked by a college basketball fan February 14th, 2007, after attending a Marquette-De Paul game, according to the Chicago Tribune. The assailant, Jaime Waldron, had been drinking heavily at the game, according to Coppock, and taunting De Paul fans.

Coppock and his girlfriend left the arena and went to his car when Waldron punched him near his right eye, requiring three stitches, according to the Tribune. Waldron was found guilty and reportedly sentenced to 40 hours of community service, one year of probation and $140 in court fees.

Coppock said at the time he’d make Waldron "pay attorneys fees until he drops," and has decided to file a civil suit in Cook County. Allstate Arena, Aramark Sports and the Village of Rosemont are also named in the suit, according to the paper.

"What Waldron did was cowardly, totally unprovoked," Coppock told the Tribune. "I still recall him laughing while I sat in an ambulance. If he thinks this is a game, he’s in for a rude awakening."

Coppock added that since the attack he suffers from nightmares, severe headaches and bouts of depression.

The talk show host was suspended from WMVP-AM 1000 after making an insensitive remark about Jews, the paper said. Waldron was apparently unfamiliar with Coppock when the attack occurred.

An arena spokesman was unavailable at press time.