Matt Costa’s Bad Week

The middle of February 2008 was definitely not the best time of Matt Costa’s touring career.

Thieves made off with more than half of Costa’s instruments and equipment late February 16th or early February 17th, following a nearly sold-out show in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The gear, worth more than $25,000 and including five guitars, was taken from a locked storage room at the city’s Garrick Centre, according to the Winnipeg Sun.

"Whomever did it clearly knew a bit about our gear and seemingly knew a bit about our set-up and what we roll with, instrument-wise," Costa manager Chris Fenn told the Sun. "They cherry-picked it."

Then, four days later, the van carrying Costa and his band rolled over in the snow while traveling to a show in Madison, Wis. The van was totaled. Keyboardist Jacob Sahagen was thrown halfway out of the van and his legs were trapped beneath the vehicle. Fortunately, the snow kept his legs from being crushed and he was treated at a hospital for minor injuries.

The gig was canceled but Costa was expected to be onstage February 22nd at the Double Door in Chicago. Meanwhile, the mayor of Winnepeg, a former club promoter, is apparently taking a vested interest in getting the gear back.