Leonard Cohen, he of “Suzanne,” “Everybody Knows,” “I’m Your Man,” “Halleluljah,” and now a member of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, heads out for his first tour in what seems like … forever. Sadly, no U.S. dates have been announced, and the only shows in North America on the current itinerary are set for Toronto and Montreal in June. Look for the tour to play Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe in June, July and August. For more information, please read the item we posted recently, appropriately titled, “Leonard Cohen Announces World Tour.”

New on Pollstar.com is a listing of April and May North America dates for Duran Duran. Cities include San Jose, Vancouver and Seattle in April, Los Angeles, Denver, Orlando, Boston and New York in May.

And we have a quick Eve 6 update for you this morning. April 5 finds the band in Houston, May 4 it’s Princeton, NJ; on May 10 it’s Schenectady and if it’s August then it must be Des Moines.

Look at all those Webb Wilder dates! New April and May shows for places like Louisville, Nashville and St. Louis.

During the first 90 minutes of biz we also updated the schedules for White Light Riot, White Rabbits, The Walkmen, Terry Sylvester, Obituary, Joe Cocker, Johnny Truant, Lukas Rossi, Mudhoney and Hookers And Blow.

But that’s just the beginning of a beautiful day and we have plenty more dates yet to post. Don’t miss your Midday Update, scheduled for around 12 noon (PDT), from Pollstar.com!