Fired Bouncer Involved In Beating

An April 4th incident involving nearly a dozen bouncers and three University of Delaware students at Club Mansion on Miami’s South Beach reportedly included a former employee of the club.

Vanessa Menkes, spokeswoman for venue parent company The Opium Group, told the Miami Herald one of the alleged victims, John Merryman, was a bouncer fired for "conduct unbecoming, poor job performance and inability to perform job duty."

Menkes also expressed concerns about damage to the club’s image.

"Mansion is concerned that this incident has brought Mansion’s reputation into question and will cooperate fully to ensure all of those found responsible will be held accountable," she said.

The students, Merryman, Sean Sweeney and Trevor Costello, hired a lawyer, Kevin Dennis, who alleged the bouncers singled out Merryman.

The attorney filed a 10-count lawsuit April 10th against the club on his clients’ behalf. The suit claims false imprisonment and negligence in the selection and training of the club’s bouncers.

The plaintiffs claim the beating was in response to their request to see a tab for a $700 bill.