New Comstock Promoter Feels Pinch

The new promoter for the Comstock Music Series country festival in Comstock, Neb., has postponed the event from June, reportedly because artists want their money up front given previous troubles with the event.

Jim Proskocil purchased the 2nd Wind Ranch, which held the Godstock, Comstock Rock and Comstock Windmill festivals, all previously promoted by Henry Nuxoll.

Nuxoll was charged with writing approximately $100,000 worth of bad checks last June and July, according to the Grand Island Independent.

Proskocil says he has had to pay an additional $100,000 in advance because bands are upset with their previous experiences. He said the July rock concert series will still go forward in July as planned.

Nuxoll recently posted a letter on that addressed his financial problems. He admitted to a "touch of stupidity and gullibility" and owned up to his financial obligations. He said he would repay his investors if he had to work for the rest of his life.

"I have lost more than I own – my farm, my house my personal possessions, windmills, oh my beautiful windmills, my families inheritance," he wrote. "My partner lost thirty years of savings and his inheritance."

Nuxoll added that the financial woes were not entirely his fault, though.

"We had no idea that we would lose another million from unscrupulous people we’ve done business with," he wrote. "We’ve been stolen from. For example, a beer vendor swindled thousands from us. Agents alone have cost us over a quarter of a million dollars. A stage company caused us to lose $200,000 when their stage collapsed during the first Godstock.

"They guaranteed the stage would hold an eighty mile an hour wind. It collapsed at fifty. They didn’t have the roof tied down."

Nuxoll faces a jury trial in June, according to the North Platte Telegraph.