Church Floor Collapses At Concert

Dozens of people were injured when the floor of a church collapsed during a rock concert in the British Columbia community of Abbotsford, just across the Canadian border from Sumas, Wash.

A mostly teenage audience of about 1,000 had gathered to watch a popular Christian rock band Friday night, when people were sent falling several yards into the basement at Central Heights Church.

Seconds later, the large lighting and sound system toppled over onto audience members as the wood beneath it gave way.

The local health authority says more than 40 people were treated at hospitals for injuries that included bruises and broken bones.

Two people were transported to hospitals in Vancouver, and police confirmed one of them, a 41-year-old woman, suffered critical injuries.

Police said Saturday it was too early to speculate about what caused the collapse.

The church’s head pastor, Chris Douglas says the concert by the band Starfield was organized by a private promoter, and similar events have been held at the church without any problems.