Arthur, born and raised in Ohio, creates music that is highly sophisticated, using electronic equipment onstage to duplicate his studio recordings. He is also a creator of art and is currently producing a piece at called “Bag is Hot.”

Dubbed a “living, breathing record,” the project is a compendium of Arthur’s photography, art and music, updated constantly. The prolific Arthur has his own record label, so he can put up a new song any time he wants and is doing so at a rate of one every three days or so.

Meanwhile, an installment of “Bag is Hot” (at least the music) could be released on Arthur’s label sometime this year.

And Arthur will be in the real world, too. He is expected to launch a two-month gig in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, on June 11, and visit the States come July. He wraps things up at Guelph, Ontario, at the Hillside Festival July 26th.

Tickets for some shows are available at

All indications point to Arthur selling live recordings after the shows as he has done for years. He is known as a pioneer in the field, being one of the first artists to utilize same-night live CDs as a source of income.