That’s the latest Sony high-end product making the media rounds. Called “Soutina” – a name formed from combining the words “sound” and “fountain,” the acrylic speaker measures one meter in length, 95 millimeters in diameter and is currently available only in Japan for a cool 1 million yen (US$9,600).

Sony showed off its latest Jetsons-like creation at its Tokyo headquarters during the first week of June. Along with the unusual shape and design, the Soutina comes with LEDs placed at the bottom of the tube, ranging in colors like pink, purple, blue and amber. The LEDs reflect in the stainless steel at the tube’s top, and if the room light is low enough, can also be seen reflecting off of a metallic string hung inside the tube.

Sony describes the Soutina as a speaker that can be used in spacious areas like hotel lobbies and wedding halls, and says it produces high-quality, natural-sounding audio in a 360-degree spread.

But this might not be the rock aficionado’s choice for audio. Sony says the Soutina delivers a soothing sound, and that some people might prefer more bass than the glass speaker pumps out.

“Maybe it doesn’t work in the way some American consumers are expecting their speakers to work,” said the company’s senior manager Noriyasu Kawaguchi.