Chesney Keeps It Simple With AEG

Kenny Chesney has signed on with AEG Live and his longtime promoter, Louis Messina, who runs The Messina Group under the AEG umbrella. 

The deal is worth well more than $100 million to the country singer and lasts for up to five years, but Messina said the agreement is not meant to tie either side down to a bottom line.

“It’s flexible,” Messina told Pollstar.  “Chesney is committing to provide AEG with X-amount of seats and, to fulfill his total guarantee, he would have to provide AEG those seats.  It could take three years, it could take five years or he could just not want to fulfill the obligation.  He may not want to go to the guarantee.”

In other words, neither AEG nor Chesney are locked down to bottom dollar.  The commitment is based upon Chesney’s box office history but he could choose to do a theatre tour and the AEG guarantee could be adjusted accordingly.  The agreement also factors in Chesney’s sponsorship deals, including his significant business relationship with Corona beer.

“It’s a common sense deal.  It gives Kenny security for life,” Messina said.  “It’s business as usual, too.  We’ve been playing Live Nation sheds and we’ll continue to play Live Nation sheds.  

“We will do what’s best for Kenny Chesney.  This is not a deal to steal Kenny away from anybody.  It just solidifies a relationship.  We’re married.  We’re married in a state where divorces aren’t legal.”
The agreement becomes official in 2009.