The band will hop on the trek September 17 at Pearl Street in Northampton, Mass., and stick with it through September 26 at the Granada Theatre in Lawrence, Kan.

Other stops include the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia (September 19), Terminal 5 in New York City (September 20), Chicago’s Riviera Theatre (September 24) and The Pageant in St. Louis (September 25).

Bell X1 was one of the best kept secrets of the Emerald Isle until earlier this year.

The band has played some of the largest rooms in Ireland, toured with the likes of Snow Patrol, Keane and Starsailor and sold millions of copies of its 2005 release, Flock, in Ireland and the U.K. It’s also had music featured on TV shows including “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The O.C.”

It wasn’t until Intrigue Music Management’s Foye Johnson saw the band in December 2006 at The Point in Dublin, playing to a crowd of more than 7,500, that he realized Flock hadn’t yet dropped in the U.S.

“We were a bit amazed that the record hadn’t been released outside of the U.K. and Ireland and we decided we would make it our mission to try to get that done,” Johnson told Pollstar.

Fast forward to February, and the band hopped on a bus for its first “proper” Stateside club tour in support of the U.S. release of the album.

It’s been a change of pace for Bell X1, vocalist Paul Noonan explained.

“The last shows we did in Ireland were 10,000-capacity shows, so to go back and do 500- to 1,000-[capacity] clubs is a very different thing,” he told Pollstar. “I personally wasn’t always comfortable with the 10,000-people venues because I just feel a lot of subtlety is lost.

“We chose not to do certain songs because we thought … they’d get lost in such a grand arena, where gestures really have to be magnified to actually have impact. I think we definitely learned a lot by doing them but I think we’re a lot more comfortable in smaller clubs.”

Although the material may be a bit dated to the band, Noonan said performing for American audiences has brought new energy to Bell X1’s performances.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than coming somewhere you’ve never been and finding a room full of people to see you. And people ask us all the time, because the record that’s just come out in the States is two years old to us in Ireland, whether we get bored of the songs but … it’s fresh in the States and there’s a sense that it’s kind of a new journey. There’s an optimism about it, and that gives it a freshness for us too.”