Russian Laser Show Hurts Patrons

A laser show at a Moscow music festival injured more than 30 people, according to Russian news reports.

Because the Aquamarine Music Festival July 5 was hampered by rain, organizers covered the dance floor with a canopy and directed the lasers horizontally under the tent instead of into the sky.

Some concertgoers lost up to 80 percent of their vision, and 20 people underwent treatment in local hospitals, according to the head doctor at the Moscow Ophthalmological Hospital, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported. Treatment was said to be "not very pleasant," involving needles.

"After five or 10 minutes on the dance field, I couldn’t see anything," a young man in sunglasses identified as a concertgoer said on NTV television. "I could see out of my left eye, but my right eye is all fog."

The festival was recorded by a cell phone that appeared to burn out when a laser hit it.

The early days of laser shows in the U.S. were hampered by similar problems, although they have obviously elevated their safety levels in later decades.

The injured concertgoers reportedly plan to take legal action against festival organizers.