Pistols Fire Off In Barcelona

Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke was the victim of an unprovoked racist attack by Sex Pistols singer John Lydon and members of his entourage, according to London public relations firm Coalition.

In a July 21 statement the company, which represents Bloc Party among an impressive roster of emerging U.K. acts, claims Okereke was left with severe facial bruising, cuts to his face and body and a split lip following a backstage fracas at the Barcelona leg of the twinned Summercase Festival July 19.

The Coalition statement also alleges the attack, which has been reported to the Spanish and U.K. police, was witnessed by Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs and Yannis Philippakis of The Foals, who both reportedly got involved while trying to break up the fight.

"The Sex Pistols were socializing backstage with an array of British bands many of whom witnessed the attack," the PR statement says.

"Kele, a huge fan of Lydon’s, approached the singer to ask if he would ever consider reforming one of his favourite bands, Public Image Ltd.

"The Sex Pistols singer became intimidating and aggressive while his entourage responded with a racist tirade including the statement ‘your problem is your black attitude.’"

Summercase promoter Sinnamon Productions declined to comment on the alleged incident. At press time it wasn’t clear if either Okereke or the Spanish or British police intend to prosecute any of those involved.