There’s a lot of ground to cover so pay attention. First up we have new dates for Daryl Hall & John Oates, John Oates (no that’s not a typo), Stone Temple Pilots, Diana Krall, innerpartysystem and Steve Earle.

And while we’re not sure you deserve it, we dug up these nifty items for you about rock ‘n’ roll myth-busting, the church of Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead writing music for films (or not), the Tejano Music National Convention, movie theme songs and the care and feeding of tween stars.

Overnight Sensation …

If you knew what we had to go through to bring you these stories tomorrow morning, you’d sleep next to your computer (not that some of you don’t already – you know who you are) and set the alarm on your iPhone so you could read them while they’re still dewy fresh.

Relm At The Helm – Audio/video mash-up artist Mike Relm has put the finishing touches on his solo album and is headed out to the clubs.

K.D. Becomes Eclectic – KCRW’s “A Sounds Eclectic Evening” is set for the Gibson Amphitheatre October 12, with k.d. lang and The Duke Spirit among the first artists named to perform.

Link-O-Rama …

Some famous rock ‘n’ roll myths turn to dust under the clear light of truth – San Francisco Chronicle

Who says rock ‘n’ roll is the Devil’s music? The Gospel according to The Boss – NPR

Radiohead isn’t getting into pictures – yet. – BBC News

Think Tejano comes from south-of-the-border? Guess again. It was created right here in the U.S.A. like chop suey and nachos and gets its own conference in Texas this weekend. – Dallas Morning News

Quick. Name your favorite movie theme song. How old is it? Is the genre a dying breed? – Los Angeles Times

Forget puppy mills. The real money these days is in churning out tween stars who can act and sing. – E! Online via Yahoo! News

Dates, Dates & More Dates …

It might have been a long time since their kiss was on your list, but Daryl Hall & John Oates still have private eyes for you. The duo just announced dates in Phoenix; Windsor, Ontario and Santa Ynez, Calif. And John Oates is doing double time with solo dates just added for Jazz Aspen Snowmass in Colorado and Sellersville, Pa.

Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots continue to prove the naysayers wrong, picking up speed and concert dates. New destinations include Reno, Nev.; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Hidalgo, Texas; Lincoln, Neb.; and Pelham, Ala.

As if the folks in China haven’t had enough excitement for one year, they’re in for a visit from Diana Krall. Krall’s Asian trek includes stops in Singapore, Kuala Lampur and Jakarta, along with Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

While most of us in the States are stuck with our stodgy, out-dated two-party system for entertainment, the lucky folks in Pennsylvania have innerpartysystem – and they’re a lot more fun. The band just announced new headlining dates, including stops in Charlotte, N.C.; Philadelphia and Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and a slew of new opening gigs for Mindless Self Indulgence.

And speaking of politics, Steve Earle, a musician who isn’t afraid to make his opinion of the state of the country known, is headed to Australia and New Zealand. Aussie stops include Adelaide, Melbourne and Newtown and NZ stops include Wellington and Christchurch.

And to top it all off, during the day we also found time to add new dates for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, GWAR, Los Campesinos, The Prodigy, Florence & The Machines, Noah and the Whale, Justin Townes Earle, The Toasters and too many others to count (the calculator’s busted and we ran out of fingers and toes).

Wow. That. Was. Hard. We’re not as young as we used to be. Time to hit the road and see if we can make it home in time to take a nap before “Smallville.” Have fun and be safe. You can be a little annoying, but we’ve kinda’ gotten used to you and would probably miss you. See ya!