A Regular Frequency

It turned out to be a regular Frequency Festival in Austria, with about 40,000 in attendance per day and the often unfortunate weather.

The difference this year was that all the rain fell on one day, lashing the former Grand Prix motor racing circuit at Salzburg and muddying up parts of the site.

On the final day, the elements returned to what co-promoter Harry Jenner described as “normal,” clearly disappointed that the downpour came after the first two days brought bright sunshine and the promise of a glorious weekend.

“We had problems because people weren’t prepared for bad weather and were just wearing Converse shoes, shorts and T-shirts,” Jenner told Pollstar after the event he co-promotes with Germany’s FKP Scorpio endured a deluge that lasted 10 hours.

Jenner, who is head of MusicNet and also co-promotes Nuke Festival with Scorpio, said the big success stories of Frequency included the new U.K. Weekender stage, which features new Brit and international talent.

Lightspeed Champion, one of the hits of this year’s European Talent Exchange Programme, was among the Weekender lineup, along with The Indelicates, White Lies, 1984, Kingsize, Eight Legs, and The Rocks.

The stage drew good crowds throughout the festival, while Jenner was also pleased to report that a record 500 U.K. music fans visited the festival, a trend he intends to develop.

He said the festival, which is only eight years old but is still the country’s oldest, will stick to the new formula of having five stages and booking about 90 slots.

The acts helping Frequency stay on the right wavelength August 14-16 included R.E.M, The Killers, Babyshambles, Maximo Park and Dropkick Murphys.