Michow’s Huddle Of Lawyers

Hamburg-based attorney Michow & Partner is launching a network for live entertainment lawyers.

It’s called The Live Entertainment Lawyers’ Network (LELAN) and aims to offer clients a specialist in every territory, as many disputes involve parties from different countries.

“If, for example, a U.S. artist was paid deposits for European shows and then didn’t turn up, it may take an American lawyer to help get the money returned,” Jens Michow explained.

He stressed that LELAN isn’t a corporate organisation and there are no membership fees for the lawyers involved, but more of a kite mark that shows the various firms are experts in their field.

Michow, who is also head of promoting association IDKV and one of the leading lights of the German Live Entertainment Awards, aims to have one firm in each country – or in each state in the U.S. – but may add to that once he’s achieved global coverage.

He also plans to expand the network to specialized tax advisors.

“Live entertainment has advanced in the past years to the point where it’s the most important factor of the music business,” he told Pollstar. “In Germany alone the 2007 turnover from that sector amounted to euro 3.8 billion. Therefore, it’s become obvious that the players in the business – be it artists, promoters, agents, managers, venue owners, or whoever – need professional help on an international basis.”

Michow is looking for a group of specialist lawyers who have demonstrated their knowledge of the live music industry and an awareness of the practical and business aspects involved.

Further information on the new organisation and details of how to apply for membership will soon be at www.lelan.eu.