Teletubby In Nightclub Punch-Up

Welsh police were involved in a bizarre “manhunt” after a tourist complained he was attacked by a Teletubby in a Porthcawl nightclub August 24.

The tourist – a 35-year-old IT worker from London – gave a description of his assailant, which matched that of Po, the red Teletubby in the popular children’s TV programme.

The injured reveler complained that Po punched him in the head at Streets Nightclub. He went off in search of his attacker but couldn’t find him.

However, he did find other Teletubbies dressed like Dipsy, the green one, Tinky Winky, the purple one, and Laa-Laa, the yellow one. All three denied knowing anyone called Po.

“We often get people in fancy dress but the Teletubbies was a new one for us,” said club manager Jackie Jackson. “The guy came up and said he had been hit by Po.”

“Police are treating this matter seriously,” Detective Sergeant Richard Jones told The People.

Officers are studying CCTV and checking if fancy dress shops hired out suits based on the children’s TV characters.

The next time the Teletubbies are expected in south Wales is December 13 and 14, when they’re part of a special BBC Christmas show at Cardiff Indoor Arena.