People are asking questions about which features will be kept and which features will be flushed, if we will increase the number of events in our concert database and if we can drill deeper into artists sub genres such as punk polka, goth-cajun and hip hop mime.

In short, the answer is yes.

Although details are still being hammered out, we can tell you that the new will give you a running tally of our processing day, announcing new dates as soon as they’re entered into our database, and in some cases even before they are processed.

In fact, speed is going to be one of the defining characteristics for the new Speed in data distribution, speed in data entry and speed in auto notify. The new will be so incredibly swift you’d swear it’s just like watching a video of LAX security smacking down Kanye West. It’s that fast.

But all that speed isn’t worth diddly unless a Web site has the content to back it up. The new will include more news items, more photos and more user-friendly features like a revamped, recharged Auto Notify capable of delivering information on tickets, news, photos, even missing roadie alerts.

Of course, when planning new features for a Web site such as ours, there are always a few good ideas that, due to cost, market conditions or bipolar programmers, end up by the wayside. We’d love to implement every change we discussed in meetings, power lunches and weekend binges, but the truth is we can’t have everything. After all, we’re not Miley Cyrus.

So we had to drop the live video feeds from the tour buses, the live audio feeds from the soundchecks and the live human beings from our executive staff. Truth be told, Rome really wasn’t built in a day.

But much to our disappointment we had to drop the concept of having kiosks placed in the establishments of an international coffee chain, where touristas would help guide concert lovers to the tour dates they need. Unfortunately, that plan fell by the wayside along with all those CDs the chain tossed in the trash.

But we’ll still have plenty of new features guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. Information is the official currency of the universe and we’ll keep shoveling as long as you keep taking it. The future is almost here, and we’ll let you know when it arrives. That’s the promise!