Iggy Bumps Bosnia

American punk icons Iggy & The Stooges pulled out of an Oct. 1 show in Sarajevo, following a week of violence in the Bosnian capital.

Although the local authorities are claiming the gig was canceled due to poor ticket sales, Iggy’s management released a statement that said, “Due to the recent violence at a Gay Pride festival and local football fans street fighting, a decision was taken by the promoter to cancel the show as he could not guarantee our safety whilst in Sarajevo.”

Rajko Bogdanovic of Art Music, which was promoting the show at Zetra Arena, told Reuters the main reason was the “negative images” coming out of the city in the last few days.

The Sept. 24-26 Gay Pride festival didn’t make it beyond the opening night as hooded men took to the street chanting “Allah Akbar” (God is great).

They dragged festivalgoers from their cars and beat others in the streets, resulting in dozens of people being hospitalized.

The media in Sarejevo, a city once well-known for the peaceful coexistence of Muslims, Christians and Jews until the 1992-95 war, criticised the timing of the festival, which was organised during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The following weekend, clashes between fans of FK Sarajevo and FK Posušje were so violent that both clubs face action from UEFA, the organisation that governs European football.