The thrills! The chills! Theā€¦horrible, hard to open plastic packaging on a compact disc? Say it ain’t so!

No, they aren’t a troupe of actors. And you won’t find them placing their hands in wet cement outside a theater in Hollywood. Although it’s just so easy to get confused when their latest release is entitled The Movie.

After wrapping up their European tour with My Brightest Diamond, the band will return stateside with MBD, where their star will continue to shine from Buffalo to San Diego.

Fans can count on the band hearing distinctive, lush arrangements, although they might have to snag a seat behind Gregoire Maret, Van Dyke Parks, and former Danielson Familie contributor-turned indie heartthrob Sufjan Stevens, who all appear on the bands latest release.

The ambitious group will open 31 shows in seven weeks, beginning Oct. 27 at The Space in Hamden, Conn. Let’s see Paramount Pictures pull off that schedule! Phew.