Linc Security’s Eagle Eyes

A pro football team has cooked up a security system that, if applied to live entertainment, could ease violence at rowdier concerts.

The NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles used to encounter so many problems with boisterous and intoxicated fans at games that the team’s former home at Veterans Stadium had a courtroom on site where offenders could be prosecuted.

But things changed after the Eagles moved into Lincoln Financial Field in 2003 and, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report, the Linc has become known as one of the safest stadiums around thanks to some high-tech security measures.

The stadium was apparently the first in the NFL to offer fans a text messaging system that allows them to report issues, along with their section and seat number, anonymously during a game.

“I have 3,000 people on my staff, but with anonymous texting I have 70,000 eyes that can help me as well,” Leonard Bonacci, director of event operations at the Linc, told the paper.

Ushers are equipped with pagers that can alert fellow staffers to a variety of issues such as spills and fights, the WSJ noted, and the pagers also send signals to a control room atop the Linc where security staff uses cameras to zoom in on problem areas around the stadium.