Finding ‘The Big Band’

India’s latest reality TV show, set to air in December, will set out to find the region’s best unknown talent.

“The Big Band” will combine elements of travelogue and reality shows. It’s being produced by A.R. Rahman, one of India’s most famous music producers, and Phat Phish, a local record label and entertainment company.

The search will not be limited to India. It will also encompass Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

The show will “give both ethnic and contemporary musicians a platform to showcase their talent, and at the same time allow India to discover music that will enliven its hopes, dreams and aspirations,” according to a statement from K.R. Harish, the managing director of Phat Phish.

Harish predicts that more than 2,000 bands will perform during various stages of the show. The winner will be awarded a three-year recording contract with Phat Phish, a deal that will include artist management, the production of six videos and a world tour.

The reality portion of the show will focus on band members and their families. According to Harish, it will also help nurture the careers of those who don’t win, although on a local level.

The judges on the show will be “common people, such as homemakers and teenagers,” rather than celebrities. “The Big Band” will be broadcast on Doordarshan, India’s public broadcasting network.