Haggard Recovering From Surgery

Merle Haggard is resting at home after undergoing surgery Nov. 3 in Bakersfield, Calif., for a cancerous growth on his lung.

According to representatives, a previous biopsy revealed Haggard had “non-small cell lung cancer,” which is described as having a better cure rate than small (oat) cell cancer.

Doctors removed the upper lobe of Haggard’s right lung. Post-op tests revealed no further signs of cancer, and Haggard was discharged from the hospital Nov. 8.

“Due to the surgeon, Dr. Peck, the Tylenol pushers on the fourth floor of the Memorial Hospital, and most of all, my wife Theresa, I’m feeling good … better and better each day,” said Haggard. “If not for the love and wisdom of my wife, I might not be around today.”

The country star also expressed some curiosity about the business side of a certain over-the-counter pain medication.

“I’d sure like to know who controls the largest shares of Tylenol,” said Haggard. “God forbid it be the oil companies!”