Carolina On Live Nation’s Mind

Live Nation’s next Fillmore-branded venue will take root next summer in Charlotte, N.C., if all goes as planned.

Live Nation has leased space in the massive North Carolina Music Factory complex and is constructing the Fillmore club, ARK Group CEO Rick Lazes told Pollstar. Live Nation is also expected to produce shows at a nearby, 5,000-capacity amphitheatre.

The N.C. Music Factory is part of a larger, mixed-use development project in Charlotte called Uptown Village. The complex includes an outdoor theatre, offices, recording studios and a host of bars and restaurants. Dance club franchise The Crobar is expected to lease space, as is NYC’s Butter club and the Wet Willie Daiquiri Bar, Lazes said.

The father-son team of Rick and Noah Lazes are no strangers to the Charlotte music scene, having produced its “Cityfest Live” for 11 years. It’s hoped that with the new venue and its high-profile brand and operator, the area will see a surge in mid-level tours that otherwise would have passed the city by.