You Beta You Bet!

Beta testing the new moves into the final stretch, where we invite you to punish our new Web site much like The Who used to trash hotel rooms.

Of course, you can’t throw a TV out the window, nor can you set fire to the mattress or jam slugs into the Magic Fingers massage.

When it comes to beta testing the new, we want you to get as nasty as you want to be. Keep checking links, searching for photos, looking up tour dates and browsing the news postings. And, when you run out of ideas, you can always hit “REFRESH” again and again.

Of course, some of you are way ahead of us when it comes to putting this Web site through its paces. Some of you are the toughest, meanest, rowdiest beta testers around. You made it clear from the start that beta testing is serious business and that you will not rest until you draw blood.

How much do I love beta testing?  I love it almost as much as I love picking fights with Web site designers!

And those are the qualities we look for in beta testers (and to back us up in bar fights). Before we launch the new on an unsuspecting, concert-loving world, we need to know that this site will withstand everything people will eventually throw at it.

While you’re putting this site through its paces, here are a few things our programmers are working on:

1. Tuning your MyPollstar page so your AutoNotify list is more manageable.’

2. Adding more radius to AutoNotify. If there’s anything we’ve learned over the years it’s you can never have too much radius.

3. Our programmers are also working on improving the AutoNotify Calendar, but they won’t part with any details. Instead, they say they want to surprise us.

Beta testing the new won’t last forever. In fact, we’re talking about launching the site sometime during the week of December 15. But until then we need you to kick, gouge, bite, slap, stab, bend, fold and mutilate this site until it either begs for your mercy or laughs in your face and asks “is that all you got?”

So bring it on!