StubHub Tix Still Moving

Madonna, Jonas Brothers and Bruce Springsteen came out on top of StubHub’s annual concert ticket report for 2008 as the highest grossing tours for the eBay-owned secondary ticketing marketplace.

Ticket prices for the Material Girl’s shows averaged $306 on the site, while Jonas Brothers tix fetched $153 and the Boss’ shows typically went for $191.

While the economy’s taken a tumble this year, it appears the values of concert tickets on StubHub are holding steady, if not increasing, according to the report.

“Despite the economic woes of the last few months and a lukewarm concert schedule for the year, ticket selling prices actually increased a bit from 2007,” stated Chuck La Vallee, StubHub’s head of music business development. “It speaks to the overall demand for live touring acts and despite challenging economic times, StubHub buyers are willing to invest in the experience they get for the price of admission.”

Gross dollar sales of concert tickets on StubHub increased by 40 percent from 2007 and the average price of concert tickets sold through the site was $159, compared with $156 in 2007.

The report also lists that, for the third consecutive year, superstar acts that have toured for 20 years or more – Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Jimmy Buffett and Billy Joel – make up a majority of the top 10 selling tours on the site.