The founding member of the 1970s ska group told the Guardian he wasn’t even told about the project. He claims the act is trying to “rewrite history” by leaving him out.

“Jerry has a duty to inform anybody who may be interested of the true situation, which is that he was not invited to take part in this proposed tour, or even told about it,” read a statement released on Dammers’ behalf.

The Specials formed in 1977. As well as writing the band’s music, keyboardist Dammers started the 2 Tone label on which the band released its records.

After a string of Top 10 records, including “A Message To You”, “Rudy”, “Rat Race” and “Ghost Town”, the group split in 1981.

In November, the band announced their reunion but Dammers claims he wasn’t properly considered.

“The prodigal sons came home, kicked me out, and have left the door open, great,” Dammers reportedly said.

“This seems to be part of a wider attempt to rewrite the whole history of the band, in order to try and justify what is currently going on,” the statement continued.

“Jerry does not wish to go into too much detail at this point, except to say that for over 25 years he had dreamed that his former bandmates might come back one day, and was deeply shocked to find that when they did, for some of them, it was apparently to kick him out.”

At press time both parties were blaming each other for communication breakdowns.