The notoriously outspoken TV personality and manager / wife of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne is under investigation after allegedly attacking a contestant during a taping of the “Rock Of Love Charm School” reality show Dec.13, according to E! Online.

Megan Hauserman, who has appeared on multiple reality shows, claims Obsourne, who hosts the VH-1 program, flipped out and attacked her, pulling out chunks of her hair and scratching her face. They had to be separated by security, and Hauserman’s scalp required medical treatment, according to TMZ.

Osbourne was allegedly provoked into violence after Hauserman noted, on camera, that Osbourne is only famous for managing her husband, “a brain-dead rock star.”

Hauserman, who returned to the show for the taping of a special reunion episode, was booted out of the Charm School for kicking a fellow contestant.

At the time, Osbourne commented, “The one thing I cannot stand is violence.”

She previously said on the show that Hauserman “has no f*** brain. Her brain is between her legs.”