Creamfields The Big Cheese

The annual Creamfields music festival generated £7.2 million for the local economy in Cheshire, England, according to North West Research Service.

The research indicates that visitors, who came from across the U.K. and Europe, spent an average of £151 each.
Last summer’s event at Daresbury, Halton, sold 65,000 tickets, with 86 percent of the audience coming from outside Cheshire.

It was the first time it was held as a two-day event, a decision that appears to have strengthened its economic impact in the area.

This year’s total spend, including the cost of tickets, represents a 7 percent increase on the income generated from the 2006 Creamfields, when a similar survey was taken.

Analysis shows the spend on accommodation had more than tripled to £700,000, and event attendees spent £780,000 on retail in Cheshire and the northwest.

Almost a third of those at the event stayed in the local area before or after the event – a total of 2,900 nights in Halton, 3,200 nights in Cheshire and Warrington and 6,300 nights in Merseyside.

Visitor satisfaction ratings for the event were high, with an average score of 4.5 out of 5; 62 percent said they were likely to attend to future festivals.

Reinforcing the success of the event as a two-day festival, an overwhelming 69 percent believed future Creamfields events should be two days.